Technical Specialties

Information Security

Locus has expertise and experience in supporting clients across professional services, managed services, support and architecture as well as overall company risk management and exposure.

Cyber Security

  • Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Network Security
  • Systems Security
  • Application Security

Compliance and Risk Management

  • PCI
  • FedRamp
  • GRC

Industry Leading Delivery

With information and strategy moving to the cloud, Locus is uniquely positioned to support the industry across a number of areas within the cloud arena.

Our teams have a proven track record of success across the following areas.

Big Data

Vendor agnostic technical expertise within analysis, architecture and deployment of big data solutions.

Dev Ops

Open source and off the shelf tools for architecture, development, infrastructure and strategy.

Systems Architecture

Our team can transform an enterprise on-premise architecture to a cloud-based secure solution working with cutting edge tools and solutions.

Networking and Infrastructure

Locus has over a decade of experience in the networking and infrastructure arena. Our focus is on the following networking and infrastructure areas.

Carrier/MSO Networks

We have been working as a leader for the support of carrier grade network solutions and clients. Our focus has been in the support of networks and architecture groups, as well as testing and QA. We have supported core networking, wireless, voice, video and related solutions. Locus has built multiple teams for network operations, engineering, architecture, and project management.

Enterprise Architecture

We work with some of the largest global organizations for the design, implementation and support of solutions across the desktop, server and storage arenas.

Enterprise Networking

Supporting organizations within the voice, data and data center space for the architecture, engineering and support.