Looking for a Technology Job Placement?

We don’t simply match resumes. We wholly support your career development and direction with a personalized placement process.

All Locus job candidates have a unique experience with our team of recruiters. No one job placement is the same; we treat every candidate as an individual, providing a personalized job search experience dependent on their personality, background, and skillset. Only when our recruiting team understands each candidate’s wants and needs will we proceed to search out the best opportunities in the marketplace, with a fully fleshed out understanding of what motivates each candidate we work with.

We offer a number of services and access to our team members and consultants:

    • Leading Benefit program (inclusive of Healthcare, Dental, Vision)
    • Access to Training vehicles
    • Access to retirement vehicle

Specialized Recruiting Expertise

Our recruiting and sales teams are technical industry leaders and focus on their area of specialization. Our goal is to give our candidates the best possible experience working with expert-level team members who can act as an advocate for your career search.
Our teams are focused in:

    • Information Security
    • Cloud Computing
    • Network Infrastructure

Interview Process Management

Our internal team works with our clients in order to manage and maintain a streamlined interview process that is as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to understand our candidates’ needs from both a technical and environmental level in order to match them with the best possible organizations for their career growth. Our state of the art pre-screening and presentation services serve both our clients and candidates and support the speed and accuracy of the hiring process.