Need to Hire a Technology Specialist?

We work to understand the needs and drivers of your business with a focus on finding you the most accurate, quickly placed, long term fit.

Our team’s expertise allows us to focus on both complex technical screening as well as situation questions in order to ascertain the fit and suitability for each of our clients. We work to understand the needs and drivers of your business with a focus on long term fit, as well as understanding the need to work quickly and accurately. Our team offers the following services to clients.

Full-Time Search
Our team works hard to identify and retain the best talent in the marketplace. Our dedicated technology experts are constantly working with candidates to see the long term fit, both from a technical and environmental perspective, giving our clients confidence in the candidates that they are reviewing and employing.

Contract or Project-Based Staffing
We will work hand in hand with you in order to understand the best possible outcome for your business. Our team are experts in identifying and delivering on needs, and can work as part of your internal teams in order to craft a solution that best fits the end product.

Contract to Hire
All of our consultants and contractors are available as contract to hire resources to you.

Milestone or Outcome Based Projects
Locus has built strong partnerships across the industry in order to bring forth the best outcomes possible for our clients. We have built-in project management expertise, as well as having access to some of the best consultants in the industry who can provide fixed deliverable and outcome based successes.

The goal is simple. Locus wants to change the staffing landscape by putting an emphasis on quality and delivery. We are focused on the success of our clients and candidates and strive to offer the best array of services to each of our stakeholders. Our goal is to drive quality and results for our clients through industry leading delivery, backed by technologically innovative on boarding, pre-screening and presentation.