Locus: We Are One

Locus knows the power of technology and believes in the hard working and highly innovative individuals that work within it. In our fast-moving world, the need for technology and those who can navigate it are consistently on the rise. With security, sales and communication being utilized now more than ever, there is a growing number of people that are looking to grow within stable and trusted companies where their skillset is needed. 

Right now, the turnover rate for employment in the tech industry is greater than ever due to a myriad of different influences, which range from cutting down on the volume of employees to even no longer needing a certain department.  

This leaves a lot of people who want to continue work or even get started on work in the technological world with a feeling of unease. The idea of putting in a ton of effort and loyalty and not receiving that back can feel overwhelming.  

Locus understands the ever-adapting structure that the tech world is going through, and they understand the importance of having confidence and security in both the team that you surround yourself with, as well as the support you get in the work that you do. We focus on having our contractors work with stable companies that share this vision for their workforce.  

While so many other tech companies are currently cutting back in size, Locus wants those that work under contract for them to feel like they are part of the family and know that they are a necessity in facilitating the image of what Locus wants to represent: that we are in this together as one.  

Locus knows that technology is a world that is constantly developing and evolving to prioritize the growing needs of the people today, and they believe fully in the bright minds that bring passionate and boundary pushing ideas to help create and sustain the best version of this world.