Security Anxiety and the Supply Chain

With the current state of the world, are you experiencing security anxiety?  We often recommend preparing for threats by setting up Incident Response (IR) plans, testing for vulnerabilities, etc.  However, what happens when things like supply chain delays are out of your control?

We’ve recently been evaluating the effects of the supply chain process from a security standpoint.

What happens when a client’s software and hardware have reached an end-of-life state – they are out of support, or simply are worn out? Historically, you upgrade the hardware but what if it’s not in the budget or inventory is simply unavailable and out 6 months before you can get it?  These are things we have not only been contemplating but also preparing for.

How can we help? 

Communication is key – setting up a plan for backup hardware, upgrading to the latest code, etc. will ease a lot of your concerns.  We also offer assessment services where we can ensure your systems are setup and protected.  Our teams can create a roadmap and plan for any data breach as well as recommend ways to keep your protection level high in the event of delayed upgraded hardware.