Fill a Position in Infrastructure or Network Services

The need for infrastructure and network service experts is growing rapidly. So fast, in fact, that in-house staffing professionals simply can’t keep up. Positions are left unfilled for months at a time, leaving clients unable to execute on critical initiatives. Locus Recruiting can help. 

Locus Recruiting: Securing Infrastructure and Network Service Experts for Business-Critical Roles

Locus Recruiting isn’t just a staffing firm. It specializes in network infrastructure recruiting. That includes data centers, SDN, and SD-WAN. Because Locus Recruiting operates in a niche space, it has the connections necessary to secure the specific talent and skills clients need to operate in the digital age. 

Traditional staffing firms simply can’t compete. 

Network Infrastructure Recruiting Experience for the Digital Age 

The three network-based areas that Locus focuses on are: 

  • Vendor Drive Technologies
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Telecommunications 

Locus has partnered with some of the largest providers in the country to rebuild networks. This means improved bandwidth for the communities they serve. That has supported the trend toward working from home and met the desire for enhanced digital connections. 

Locus Recruiting has been at the forefront of staffing for clients who are directly involved in putting fiber in the ground or pulling information out of the cloud. The firm’s contributions have supported the massive lifestyle shift of the past 18 months.

Success Stories: Providing Expert Network Infrastructure Recruiting for Our Clients 

Locus Recruiting is trusted by the world’s most successful infrastructure and network service experts to supply the talent needed to keep businesses and communities connected. We are prepared to meet staffing needs for projects of any size and we have the professional network in place to secure talent quickly in crisis situations.

These are just a few examples of our recent partnerships:

Cisco/MGM Partnership

Locus Recruiting had the opportunity to support Cisco’s multi-year engagement with MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. We secured talent to manage campus technology integration and upgrades for eight properties in Las Vegas as well as multiple properties across the United States and around the world. Projects include DNAC, ZTP, Cisco ISE and Wireless, SDWAN, and SDN solutions. 

Cisco/Home Depot Partnership 

In addition, Locus Recruiting supported Cisco’s need for infrastructure and network service experts as it worked through the engineering and architecture of a Cisco Network Access Control project for Home Depot’s Atlanta headquarters and a rollout of wireless in Home Depot stores. 

Ransomware Remediation 

When one of our integration partners contacted us to support a large-scale remediation effort for a client brought down by ransomware, we didn’t hesitate. The client had no network connectivity and thousands of affected servers not to mention lots of sensitive data at risk. It was a crisis. Within 72 hours, we deployed a team of 30 engineers who helped rebuild and re-establish connectivity and remediate affected systems in just 90 days. 

Need an Infrastructure and Network Services Expert and Recruiter? 

Locus Recruiting is a highly experienced team of staffing professionals that specialize in candidate and client placements within the realms of information security, cloud computing, and networking and infrastructure. We can help you secure top talent for any of the following: 

  • Full-Time Search
  • Contract or Project-Based Staffing
  • Contract to Hire
  • Milestone- or Outcome-Based Projects

In each of our interactions, candidates are treated like unique individuals not commodities. We treat our clients as partners, and we strive to understand each company’s unique requirements. We know how the perfect hire can transform a business, project, and team, and we are ready to help you get there. 

Contact the experts at Locus to learn more about how our specialized IT infrastructure recruiters and network services recruiters can support your business.