How Has Technology Changed Talent Acquisition for Businesses?

Talent acquisition today looks far different than it did in years past. While there are many variables that play a role in this change, technology holds a lot of weight.

According to research on, 50% of employees believe artificial intelligence will play a vital role in the future of talent acquisition. However, tech has already had a huge impact on the industry. From screening candidates to using innovative talent acquisition job boards, technology is shaping the way recruiters find talent.

Here are five ways technology changed talent acquisition for businesses:

Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, many businesses have started to use artificial intelligence for talent acquisition purposes. In fact, it can be an extremely useful tool for finding the right candidate. For example, we’ve used AI for scheduling and interviewing, which is consistently an enormous problem for many organizations.

According to Ashkan Rajaee, CEO of TopDevz, “Scheduling interviews is a huge bottleneck leading to reduced candidate volume.” To help combat this, Rajaee developed RecruitHub, which is an AI-powered solution used by recruiters to facilitate a video-based hiring process.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, be sure to consider this valuable tool in your talent acquisition efforts.

Growth in Remote Work

Working remotely has greatly increased over the years. In fact, working from home has grown by 159% since 2005 and 2020 saw this option explode. As this new norm has changed the entire landscape of talent acquisition, it’s driven by innovative technology geared towards telecommuting.

According to David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath, “As the workplace evolves, it is important that your technology also evolve to support it.”

As more and more businesses are getting accustomed to working from home, they’re learning about new tools they can use to their benefit. While these organizations continue to utilize this advanced technology, talent acquisition professionals are also jumping on board. More recruiters are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other useful tools to help them find the perfect remote candidates.

Talent Acquisition & Automation

The advanced technology of today has a lot to do with automation. As talent acquisition processes are becoming faster and more efficient, it’s driven by automation tools. In years past, recruiters would have to do many of their tasks manually. But with the recent influx in technology, many processes now happen on their own. Instead of scouring through candidate after candidate, automation technology uses aggregated candidate data to bring the best talent right to recruiters.

Another important point is that these automation systems continue to learn and adapt. As these become more advanced, automation tools will prove even more useful in talent acquisition strategies.

Diversity & Inclusion In Talent Acquisition

Today, organizations are starting to see the real benefits of a diverse workforce. However, having a diverse team has always been hard to accomplish. With the help of technology, this is becoming easier. Recruiters can easily find candidates with varying skill sets and backgrounds, and talent acquisition job boards help in this regard.

Luckily, organizations are putting more emphasis on a diverse workforce. As studies indicate that millennials are 16% more diverse than baby boomers, we expect diverse teams to be even more prevalent in the future. With technology at the forefront, diversity is a top priority in many hiring strategies.

Influx of Job Boards

Over the past decade or so, platforms have developed tons of new job boards. While they all essentially offer the same solution, some of them use very advanced technology. This has had a significant impact on how candidates are matched up with the right organizations.

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