3 IT Recruiting Specialization Areas You Need in 2021

If you’ve ever worked with traditional staffing firms, you may know that the process can feel like it focuses more on quantity than quality. And that’s because most traditional firms do focus on sending out as many recruits as possible, with no specific focus or specialization, especially in cloud computing and network infrastructure recruiting. 

That leaves you with a pool of unqualified candidates that don’t fit your needs. Fortunately, there’s a better way. 

Here at Locus Recruiting, we specialize in three in-demand recruiting areas: information security, cloud computing, and network security and infrastructure. Each of these is critical for anyone hiring in 2021 or beyond. 

In this post, we’ll break down the importance of each recruiting area, and what you need to know about why it matters for the current hiring landscape. 

Let’s dive in. 

Information Technology Recruiting 

In recent years, information security has become a hot-button industry. In fact, experts predict that global spending on cybersecurity products and positions will exceed $1 trillion by the end of 2021. 

If your company wants to keep pace with the information security industry, it’s critical to hire skilled recruits who understand the complexities and considerations of the task at hand. Here at Locus Recruiting, we have ample expertise in information security staffing, and we help clients recruit and staff 

IT security professionals in a variety of industries, including compliance and risk management, Breach and Incident Response, and more. 

When the position you’re hiring for is so specialized and sensitive, you need to work with a recruiting firm that understands the unique considerations of said position and can help you find the right fit – not just any fit. 

Cloud Computing Recruiting

Did you know experts expect public cloud spend to hit $500 billion by 2023? Experts also predict that a whopping 30% of companies will increase IT spending this year in one of the following areas: cloud computing, networks, security and risk management, and mobility. Like information security, however, cloud computing is a highly specialized industry, which requires highly skilled and capable workers. 

At Locus Recruiting, we work closely with skilled cloud computing candidates to provide a vendor-agnostic recruiting experience. Whether you’re looking for a big data or dev-ops specialist, our team can help you find the highly qualified candidate you need to drive your company forward. 

Network Infrastructure Recruiting

According to Statista, revenue in the network infrastructure industry will reach $195,691.1m by the end of 2021. All that spending means one thing: massive growth. And unless you position your company to keep pace with and adapt to that growth, you’ll quickly fall behind. 

Fortunately, Locus Recruiting provides the specialization you need to find the networking and infrastructure talent your organization requires. Our team has more than a decade of experience finding, matching, and placing networking and infrastructure professionals. We focus on a variety of networking and infrastructure segments, including:

    • Enterprise Architecture. Locus Recruiting has built multiple teams for network operations, project management, engineering, architecture, and more. 
    • Carrier/MSO Networks. Our team finds recruits that can help your team execute design, implementation, and support for a wide variety of networking and infrastructure solutions. 
    • Enterprise Networking. We can match you with recruits who focus on a variety of enterprise networking sectors, including voice, data, and data center functions. 

You Need a Specialized Recruiting Firm to Navigate the Demands of 2021

As the world of tech and data security continues to develop, the demands placed upon companies and their talent will only become more pronounced. 

If you’re hiring for open positions in 2021, this means one thing: you need a specialized recruiting firm that’s equipped to help you navigate these challenges. 

Here at Locus Recruiting, we have a long track record of helping companies find skilled information security, cloud computing, and networking and infrastructure recruits that help their companies scale and adapt. 

To learn more about our technical recruiting specialist services or start your recruiting journey today, contact our team now.