7 Signs of a Great Tech Recruiter

The tech industry is growing at a rapid rate. As employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029, these jobs aren’t going anywhere.

With this growth also comes the influx of recruiters bringing this talent to tech organizations across the globe. While it’s important to know the qualities to look for in a tech employee, understanding the signs of a good technical recruiter is also essential. 

Keep reading to learn 7 signs of a great technical recruiter:

1. Tech Recruiters Need Internet Proficiency

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many tech recruiters aren’t very experienced using the internet as a tool. These individuals should clearly understand the ins and outs of multiple job boards. In addition, recruiters should also use the latest software platforms, browser extensions, and other tools to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Organizational Skills

From scheduling interviews to screening candidates, a tech recruiter’s day can become extremely busy in a hurry. That being said, organizational skills are another good sign of a solid technical recruiter. As some large tech companies may need to fill dozens, if not hundreds, of jobs within a few months, staying efficient and organized is vital.

3. Great Tech Recruiters Think Ahead

The most successful tech recruiters are the ones who stay ahead of the game. Instead of waiting till a job opening to explore candidates, a great recruiter will already have the perfect employee on hand. When a recruiter reaches out to candidates about a role, they may forget about the ones who didn’t get selected. The best technical recruiters keep in touch with past applicants and keep them in mind when future opportunities arise.

4. Works Well With Hiring Managers

A tech recruiter may work with multiple hiring managers on a daily basis. Chances are, these managers have a lot of differences from one another. That being said, a great tech recruiter is one who learns how managers operate and works towards navigating disagreements to find a solution. While these individuals may have unrealistic demands, the best tech recruiters are the ones who can effectively talk to these managers to solve a need.

5. Exceptional Communication

A primary role of a tech recruiter is to talk to people. Every single day, these professionals may have dozens of calls with candidates and hiring managers. As the goal of a tech recruiter is to bring new candidates to a business communication is essential. From talking with you about what the job requires to speaking with candidates about their backgrounds and experiences, effective communication holds great importance throughout the entire process.

6. Great Tech Recruiters Master The Ability to Build Relationships

If you’re looking for a new employee for your team, building a relationship with your tech recruiter is a very smart idea. If you have this solid foundation from the get-go, that typically leads to better results for both parties. And with the tech industry soaring to new heights, building these solid relationships couldn’t be more important. When searching for a tech recruiter, be sure to put a strong emphasis on their relationship-building skills. If they aren’t good with people and don’t have the ability to form strong relationships, they may struggle to bring in the right candidate.

7. Keeps An Open Mind

Tech recruiters work with people from all walks of life. These professionals should always keep an open mind when looking for the right candidate. If someone has a poorly structured resume, that doesn’t mean they aren’t suited for the job. Keep an open mind, have a set list of principles to look for, and focus on how they answer your questions.

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